Strategy Case Study

Increasing pressure from low-cost competitors led this major supplier to the supply chain and logistics industry to seek our help. Using a series of workshops we helped them develop an integrated growth strategy for the Asia-Pacific region.

The Organisation

The client is a publicly listed global business represented in most of the developed countries and a growing number of emerging markets around the world. We worked closely with the Asia-Pacific regional office, responsible for operations in Australia, New Zealand and the major markets in South-East Asia.

The Challenge

The business has a long history of profitable growth in the developed economies within the region. Recently, competitive pressures have intensified and they have come under increasing pressure from low-cost operators in the market. In addition, they have entered the emerging markets of South-East Asia and are seeking to build a presence for their services in these economies.

The key issue was to build an integrated growth strategy across the Asia-Pacific region. The strategy had to emphasise both a focus on key market conditions (different in each market) as well as leveraging key synergies (and similarities) across all the business units.

Our Approach

The assignment was focused on developing an integrated growth strategy and in developing an appropriate organisation design and business model to implement it successfully across the region.

After a detailed analysis of the situation, we worked closely with both the regional team as well as the business unit managers in the different markets. We built an integrated growth strategy and designed an appropriate business model and organisation design.

The process occurred by way of a series of workshops and focused discussions across the business. The client managers contributed their detailed knowledge of the business and market, while we provided the “thought leadership” based on our own research, best practice, and prior consulting experience.

The Results

The outcomes have included a clear strategy for growth and an agreed blueprint for the organisation design. The overall model has been accepted by the corporate centre and has been influential in shaping thinking in other parts of the global business. Asia-Pacific has clear direction for growth and change in the organisation, and implementation is progressing smoothly.