Organisation Case Study

Rapid growth had left this international educational and training services provider fragmented and losing operating efficiency. We helped put them back on track with a streamlined organisation structure and a focused growth strategy.

The Organisation

The client is a provider of education and vocational training services throughout Australia, NZ and the Middle East. They operate in a rapidly growing and intensely competitive industry that seeks to capitalise on providing education and training for foreign students in both developed and emerging markets.

The Challenge

The business has experienced rapid entrepreneurial growth which has given the organisation a foothold in several local and overseas markets. Unfortunately, the structure, process and systems of the business had not kept pace with the rapidly evolving and changing strategy.

The business was fragmenting and failing to extract value from existing operations. The issue was how to regain focus in the growth while simultaneously improving operating efficiency.

Our Approach

We worked very closely with senior management to redefine the vision for the future and the key value propositions for the various target markets. From this, we collaboratively developed an understanding of the new business model and organisation design that was required to implement the strategy.

Details of the organisation structure and key business processes were developed by way of a series of workshops and discussions through the organisation. This allowed a close examination of the people requirements and the key management competencies required to drive the organisation forward.

The Results

The key outcomes were a streamlined organisation structure and explicit business processes in the key areas of business development, marketing and operations. The organisation now has a focused growth strategy and a performance management system, complete with key performance indicators that are capable of increasing organisational efficiency significantly.