Leadership Case Study

When this national cultural institution needed guidance on how to adapt to the information revolution they called us. We helped the leadership get aligned to a new strategic direction that will help the organisation remain relevant into the future.

The Organisation

Our client is a national cultural institution involved in the storage, management and retrieval of “nationally relevant” information and educational materials. Most of the staff and almost all of the senior management are members of a traditional profession that has historically determined the way that “business is done” in these organisations.

The Challenge

The information revolution and the advent of user-created content required a re-definition of this profession and way it could add value within society as a whole. At the same time, the successful “re-invention” of this profession would allow it to play a major role in the development of future digital policy for the government and society.

Our Approach

We worked closely with senior management and members of the profession to assist in redefining the role and contribution that could be made by the profession in general and the institution in particular. We helped to set up new strategies to improve the overall customer focus of the organisation and also to assist it in playing a leadership role in influencing the information sector.

This was difficult and emotionally challenging work. We had to show the leadership and staff that past efforts, although no longer effective in producing the outcomes desired by government and society, were nevertheless important in charting the future course for development in the profession.

The Results

The organisation is now refocused and the leadership aligned behind the new strategic direction. Although there are many challenges for the profession that lie ahead, we have opened up new avenues for dialogue and research within the institution. It’s early days yet, but senior leadership appear confident of shifting the prevailing culture and traditional ways of doing business.