These resources will help you build an organisation that is better aligned and more effective:

Strategic Alignment Diagnostic

This short questionnaire can be used as a quick method of determining your organisation’s alignment in terms of its operating environment, strategy, culture and leadership. Download your free copy here.

Books by Norman Chorn:

Strategic Alignment ? How to manage business leadership, the commercial environment and organizational culture for strategic success

This groundbreaking book tackles the issue of successful organisational development head on. Whether your concerns are with customers, stakeholders, suppliers, staff or directors, this book reveals a practical way to navigate the choppy waters of strategic planning by aligning your internal “reason for being” with the external “moment of truth”.

By the use of his innovate PADI organisational archetypes ? Pragmatic, Administrative, Divergent and Integrative ? Norman Chorn shows how developmental pathways can be created to achieve winning goals for widely differing businesses and organisations.

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