Don’t just take our word for it.

You’d probably like to know what clients say about working with the Centre for Strategy Development. So here are some testimonials we’ve received:

“If you want to work with a clear thinker who has a deliciously agile and respectful way of helping an organisation to revitalise, re-energise and change to seize the potential of the digital age, Norman Chorn may be able to help you. He has certainly been a catalyst for profound change in the National Library of New Zealand and we have enjoyed working with him.”

Penny Carnaby
Chief Executive / National Librarian
National Library of New Zealand

“Dr Chorn is that unusual animal – an academic with practical smarts. His approach to managing the uncertainties of the future is practical and robust and makes the most of the knowledge his clients’ own knowledge and aptitudes – and along the way, he makes you laugh, too!”

Clare Feeney
Environment and Business Group

“Norman is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenter. He has the ability to ‘join the dots’ after many years of experience; he is not just a theorist. His wisdom in the field of Future Building is vital in this era of uncertainty when old methods no longer work. There never has been a more important time for companies to build capabilities for success and survival. The old planning approaches won’t work but Norman has a process and a personal approach that can”.

Janis Grummitt
Director at Workplace Wisdom
Founder of the Wiser Society group

“You are a EAGLE – You focus on change to get results and you help people create the future”.

Roberta Budvietas

“Hi Norm – great workshop and presentations at our meeting. Not only did you have great content but I appreciated the respect, humility and authenticity you embody. And some food for thought”.

Jasbindar Singh