About CentStrat

After leaving a major consulting firm in 1994, Dr Norman Chorn founded the Centre for Strategy Development to focus on strategy and organisation development. He was joined by Dr Terri Hunter, who brought her expertise in leadership development and change management.

Dr Norman Chorn

Norman Chorn is a strategy and organisation development practitioner with more than 20 years experience in Australia, UK, New Zealand and South Africa. His work has three primary areas of focus:

  • Creating strategy for competitive advantage
  • Developing effective organisations and structures, and
  • Developing leadership skills, with particular reference to strategic leadership.

Norman has particular skills in scenario planning and the alignment of organisations with their markets and environments. He has developed a range of proprietary techniques and approaches to achieve improvements in performance. This includes the use of research techniques both in external markets and inside organisations.

He holds visiting and adjunct appointments at a number of leading Graduate Schools of Management, including the University of Witwatersrand (South Africa), Charles Sturt University (Australia) and the University of Wollongong (Australia).

Prior to his consulting career, Norman held a variety of senior marketing and general management positions in the services and manufacturing sectors.

He has a BA (Economics and Sociology) from the University of Cape Town, a Postgraduate Diploma in Management, an MBA, and a PhD from the University of Witwatersrand.

  • Member Australian Institute of Management (AIM)
  • Member of AIM taskforce for “Management Practice Diploma”
  • Member Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI)

Dr Terri Hunter

Terri Hunter is an expert executive coach and mentor, specialising in developing personal effectiveness. She is also a highly experienced facilitator and consultant in the areas of team and leadership development.

Much of Terri’s consultancy experience was gained as a managing consultant for organisational psychology firms SHL (UK) and Oxford Psychology Press. She has lectured in organisational psychology and organisational behaviour at the universities of Glasgow, Strathclyde and Heriot Watt in Scotland; the University of Wollongong in Australia; and the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa.

Her major research focus is the issue of how personality affects the performance of teams and groups. Terri has published widely on the subject of team effectiveness, and has presented papers at international conferences. Terri is both qualified and experienced in the use of a wide range of psychometric instruments, and has successfully run a large number of assessment and development centres.

Terri has a Masters degree in Psychology from Glasgow University (Scotland) and a PhD in Organisational Psychology from Strathclyde University (Scotland).

  • Member of British Psychological Society
  • Member of Australian Psychological Society (Affiliate)