How we work

The best outcomes are produced when clients and consultants work collaboratively.

Nowadays, clients want to learn new practices and approaches from their consultants. They’re less interested in the closely guarded “black box” that some consultants use to produce “solutions”. Clients prefer to learn how to address the challenges themselves. They use consultants to up-skill themselves and learn best-practice and innovative approaches.

A good consultant works to support the client and enhance the standing of the leadership team within the organisation. The client brings their industry experience and understanding of the challenge. The consultant brings their experience and innovative approaches to strategy and change. At the end of the assignment, the client owns the outcome.

Our role as consultants is to guide and facilitate a learning process so that your leadership can develop innovative and effective approaches to improving organisational performance. We act as “thought-leaders” and facilitate new approaches to addressing your challenges.

Typical results we provide

When you work with us these are the kinds of results you can expect:

  • Clearly articulated business and corporate strategies that can be effectively communicated and executed.
  • More effective implementation of strategy.
  • An appropriate organisation design and structure that enhances strategy implementation.
  • A plan of action to successfully manage the organisational and culture change.
  • An aligned leadership team that will effectively drive the business strategy and organisational change.
  • A clearer understanding of your business challenges and how to address them.

How we work with you

“Comfort + challenge = learning” is one of our guiding principles. We build rapport with you by demonstrating understanding of your issues and empathy with your situation (comfort). We then use our rapport to challenge you to look at the issue in different ways.

We work collaboratively with you and your team to give a fresh perspective on your problems. We tend to work very intimately with clients and act as advisors and facilitators of workshops/meetings.

Much of the material we use has been developed through our own research, although we are quite eclectic and keep abreast of best-practice from around the world.

We are respectful, but very direct – you will get an honest assessment of the situation. In turn we expect you to be frank with us and give us direct feedback on what we’re doing.

We add value by introducing new ideas where necessary and retaining the status quo where appropriate ? we don’t introduce change for change’s sake.

We prefer to work unobtrusively with clients. The outcomes belong to you, because the best results are achieved when the client takes ownership of the outcomes.

Who’s behind the Centre for Strategy Development?

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